Best places to explore the Dutch tulip fields

It's that time of the year again! The tulip fields are in full bloom, bursting with colors and considering the great weather that is set to come this weekend, we can't think of a better way to enjoy spring in the tulip country!

Especially in times of Covid, sightseeing the tulip fields is a great way to lift your spirits and make the best out of this spring season. We have put together a top 3 list of the best spots to see the tulip fields in the Netherlands and enjoy some of the most iconic Dutch sceneries this country has to offer.


The most popular area where you can enjoy fabulous sights of the bulb fields is De Duin en Bollenstreek (The Dune and the Bulb region) or simply Bollenstreek. This area is located between the cities of Leiden and Haarlem, which means you will not only get to enjoy the flower fields, but also the beach and the beautiful dunes along the coast! Bollenstreek is best explored by bike, as it covers an amazing 35km along hundreds of tulip fields.

Pro tip: Before your visit, make sure to check out the flower map to see if the bulb fields are already in bloom.


Located in the east of the cities of Almere and Lelystad, Noordoostpolder is one of the largest flower bulb cultivation regions in the Netherlands. This year alone, an astonishing 150.000 tulip bulbs have been planted at Noordostpolder across 2000 hectares. In this area, you can also find the Tulip Island, a small peninsula that is shaped literally like a tulip.

Although possible to visit on foot or by bike, Noordoostpolder is best explored by car, with an epic route of 100km of flower bulbs shining in all shapes and colors.

Pro tip: Visit Noordoostpolder during the Tulip festival to make the most out of your experience. This year, the festival is taking place between April 16 and May 23.


Coming from the south? Worry not, you still have the chance to explore the tulips in the area of Zeeland. Though smaller in size, the flower fields are just as beautiful and since they are located closer together, you will feel as though you are surrounded by a sea of flowers. Definitely an unforgettable experience!

This area is best explored on foot or by bike, but make sure to decide beforehand which of the numerous routes you want to complete.

Pro tip: Pick your own tulips at Pluktuien van La Fleur along the way.


written by ANA

I'm a cheerful and curious person, passionate about photography and everything that comes with it. As a fellow international, I moved to The Netherlands to study and decided to stay here after falling deeply in love with the culture, people and the beautiful Dutch cities and their canals!