Shared living: Trend or here to stay?

In an interview with mt/Sprout, our founder Zjef Bogers speaks about the wonders of shared living. Find out why the shared living concept is working so well. 

In recent years, housing prices have raised steadily in many Dutch cities. Young professionals are facing difficulties with finding suitable and affordable housing. In line with the growth of the sharing economy, co-living projects are fast gaining in popularity. Holland2Stay is also offering several co-living projects. In an interview with Mt/sprout, Zjef explains why this concept is winning ground.

Co-living residences come in all shapes and forms. Residents rent a private space and share communal areas and amenities with others. Co-living projects such as The Lee Towers and Rive Republic, are gaining popularity as hotspots for millennials in big cities. According to Zjef, co-living communities attract an increasing number of people, as these projects provides several advantages, such as cost savings, convenience, and community.

Shared living room in Rive Republic.

#1 Cost savings

Many millennials are having a hard time finding a place to live because their income is too low for a mortgage and too high for social housing. Zjef explains that the concept of shared living appeals to starters and young professionals. The monthly rent of a modern and well-maintained studio or room in a shared living complex is comparable to the rent of a smaller, less well maintained, private apartment in the city. Plus, you get more facilities with shared living.’ In shared living projects, tenants get access to a launderette, gym, theater, lounge area, catering, parking, and sometimes even shared cars. ‘This makes shared living very attractive: living here is relatively affordable without sacrificing any luxury.’

#2 Convenience

Zjef also explains why this is not just a trend or by-product of the housing shortage. Shared living is popular with the new generations because of ease and comfort. ‘We manage the facilities, take care of the furnishing and maintenance of the residences, and take care of the utilites. All tenants need to do is unpack their suitcases upon arrival.’

#3 Community

Also, the shared facilities of co-living projects are best way to meet new people. ‘This helps young professionals who have moved to a new city and are trying to start a new life.’

Shared cinema in The Lee Towers.

Want to know more?

Interested to know more? You can read the full (Dutch) article of MT/sprout here. Are you interested in living in one of our shared living projects? Check the availability on our residences page.

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