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Tips for attending virtual viewings at Holland2Stay

With the ongoing corona crisis and ensuing lockdown, virtual viewing of residences might be convenient for you. Or perhaps you want to view your future home from abroad before arranging your stay?

From now on, you can choose between an in-person viewing on location or for a virtual viewing. When it is the first time you are participating in a virtual viewing, it might be hard to know what to expect. We would like to give you some tips to help you prepare for the best virtual viewing experience!


Make sure you are well prepared by knowing where to go for your virtual viewing. The virtual walkthrough will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. After scheduling a virtual viewing through our website, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the viewing. Be there on time, for example 10 minutes before the appointment, to make sure everything works.

You can join the viewing from any device, whether you have a Microsoft Teams account or not. If you do not have an account, you can join as a guest. How convenient!


Prepare well! One advantage to a virtual viewing compared to an in-person viewing is that you can now spend the travel time on additional preparation time. You can find a lot of information about the residence on our website. By carefully reviewing the photos and floorplan of the residence in advance, you will understand exactly which room is being walked into during the virtual viewing.

It can be easy to forget to ask some of the more important questions if you’re not physically in the residence. Make sure you think about what you need to know from our team member on-site beforehand and have a list of questions ready to go!


Our final tip is to stay focused. During a virtual viewing it might be attractive to finish other things in between or to talk with the person next to you. In order not to be disturbed by ambient noise, you can use headphones or earplugs. An extra benefit is that the microphone in your headphones or earplugs is better to be heard by our team member on-site. Stay focused and pay attention to the small details. These details could influence your decision in the end.

Got your eye on one of our residences? We are looking forward to meeting you virtually!


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