Shared living in Twin Amsterdam

In this vlog, Ciana visits her hometown Amsterdam and explores Twin. Here we get a glimpse of its spacious modern apartments with floor to ceiling windows and get to know three tenants living there: Mathijs, Floris, and Wessel.

As the group sits down with Ciana, they explain their reasoning for staying at Twin. They have been trying to find a place to live together but came out empty handed. They decided that the semi-furnished apartments in Twin were the right one because of its large living room and nice views.

“Especially the large living room and nice views, that's what made us choose this apartment over the other ones.”

Wessel tells us how the pandemic has affected them but that they tried to remain positive and went out for jogs regularly. The apartment complex resides next to the river and has a park nearby. This makes going outside to exercise or to clear your mind much more enjoyable.

Further in the vlog, Ciana shows another apartment to give us a better picture of how your apartment at Twin will look like. Luckily, shopping square Osdorpplein is just a walking distance away and if you’re fond of exercising outside, a calisthenics park is right around the corner.

Watch the full vlog below and find out why Twin is such an amazing place to live!

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written by Dennis

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