city view of canal in Delft


A hidden gem between Rotterdam and The Hague


Best known for its traditional ceramic pottery, the beautiful city of Delft is rich both in history and culture. Home to the well-renowned Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Delft is visited by around 20.000 students yearly, making it one of the most ideal student cities of The Netherlands!

Delft is filled with great cafes and lunchrooms, but in a more traditional Dutch style, which makes for an exciting and authentic cultural experience. Even more, Delft is the perfect city to start your adventure through The Netherlands, as you get to become accustomed to the Dutch culture while still being in an international and culturally diverse city.

In Delft, we offer a great variety of apartments with a convenient location right in between the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. Our building The Ridge can be found just opposite of the TU Delft campus in the south of Delft and has great highway and public transport connections, making your commute easy and fast.


exterior of building The Ridge
311 The Ridge

Fun fact


The world famous porcelain pottery Delftware or Delfts Blauw dates back to the 1500s! But did you know they first made an appearance in Antwerp, and not Delft? Quickly after, the Delftsware became crazy popular throughout The Netherlands, so much so that you can still visit one of the oldest factories of Blue Delftware and watch the painters in action, using the same traditional techniques from before!


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