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City of Delftware (Delfts Blauw), Willem van Oranje, and Vermeer. A booming culinary scene and centuries of royal history weaving their way through this city: Delft is certainly up there as one of the Netherlands' most picturesque and beloved cities. Imagine renting your studio or apartment here.

As home to The Hague University of Applied Sciences (De Haagse Hogeschool) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Delft attracts many students and internationals. There’s always something to do – daytime or nighttime.

If there’s one destination that gives you an instant feeling of being at home, it’s Delft. This city is in essence a miniature version of Amsterdam, filled with historic buildings and hotspots. That’s why Delft is not only popular with tourists; it’s a highly popular place to rent a studio or apartment.

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Our 311 rental studios and apartments in Delft are located at Van Embdenstraat and Bakemastraat – across TU Delft. Whether your preference is a fully furnished or semi-furnished studio or apartment, in Delft we’ve got both. Perfect for single ones, couples, or parents with children.

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What about Delft

Since 1246, Delft has been home to many famous painters and royal Willem van Oranje himself. It’s a modern city, but it feels like you’re living in a small and charming old town. Explore local coffee places, the best restaurants, and the newest concept stores. Spend an afternoon at a museum or meet others at one in the city center – close to home.

With everything within biking distance, you easily take yourself anywhere. It’s a popular place to rent if you’d like easy access to cities like Rotterdam and The Hague. Wedged between these two big cities, you’re there in 15 minutes by train.


Your Delft

The ancient yet vibrant Delft has rich historical values, dating back to the year 1246. The canal-ringed city is filled with historical buildings, interesting history museums, and a great deal of cafes and lunchrooms. But this city is more than that!

  • TU Delft
    This University is one of the four Dutch Technology institutes. TU Delft is the largest and oldest technical university in the Netherlands. It’s ranked among the top 10 engineering and technology universities in the world, with eight faculties.

  • Villages like Schiedam, Leidschendam, and more
    Around Delft are many picturesque Dutch villages and towns. Put on your walking shoes, step on your bike, or grab a car to visit them one by one. Narrow streets and old bridges will amaze you, almost all with a little harbor. Typical Dutch and filled with history.