city view of canal in Delft


A hidden gem between Rotterdam and Den Haag

Between the cities Rotterdam and Den Haag, you will find the vibrant city of Delft. Best known for its traditional Delftware ceramic pottery, the city is not only popular with tourists. Delft is a popular option for people who want to rent accommodation with easy access to cities such as Rotterdam and Den Haag. As home to Den Haag University of Applied Sciences (De Haagse Hogeschool) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the city attracts many students and internationals.

Delft has a lively student and working environment, with promising career opportunities in the region. As a popular city to rent an apartment or studio, students and working professionals will quickly feel at home. Delft consists of spacious suburbs, with many housing options. Opposite TU Delft is The Ridge located, at Van Embdenstraat and Bakemastraat. The Ridge contains a variety of one- and two-bedroom apartments and studios to rent. Whether your preference is for a fully furnished or semi-furnished apartment or studio, The Ridge has both. Renting here equals living comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere. The building is located near the canal, and within 10 minutes you can reach Delft’s city center.

The canals, narrow winding streets and pleasant squares make the city center of Delft a wonderful place to relax from work or study. The ancient yet vibrant Delft has rich historical values, dating back to the year 1246. The canal-ringed city is filled with historical buildings, interesting museums, and a great number of cafes and lunchrooms.


exterior of building The Ridge
311 The Ridge

Accessibility of Delft

Delft is easily accessible, with great highway access and good transportation connections. Both cities Rotterdam and Den Haag can be reached within 15 minutes by car. From the city's train station, there are direct train connections to Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Amsterdam. From the train station, the neighborhoods around the city center are easily accessible by bus. A tram line connects Delft to Den Haag and the seaside town of Scheveningen.