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Den Bosch


City of tunnel canals, Bossche bollen, and also called by its original name ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The pulsating capital of Noord-Brabant serves as the perfect introduction to the Netherlands. Den Bosch is characteristically Dutch – Burgundian, picturesque, and packed with history.

Den Bosch is a city where you immerse yourself in the business mindset of many successful boutiques, concept stores, and start-ups. Its wide range of local businesses – hello great pubs and cafes – radiates a truly Burgundian feeling.

Den Bosch is down among the best Dutch cities to rent a studio, apartment, or loft. It’s a city where you quickly feel at home. Centrally located in the south of the Netherlands, you’re in bigger cities like Utrecht quickly.

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Our 241 rental studios, apartments, and lofts in Den Bosch are the perfect base for your Dutch adventure. Unfurnished, semi-furnished, or fully furnished with everything you need. We’ve got it all for singles or couples.

exterior building De Donck in Den Bosch
66 De Donck
exterior building Helftheuvel in Den Bosch
115 Helftheuvel
exterior building Stationspoort in Den Bosch
57 Stationspoort

What about Den Bosch

Den Bosch is big enough to have fun, without being too overwhelming. Its historic city center connects 14 neighborhoods together. Our homes are in the area where young people love to live – from Muntel, Den Bosch-West, to the city center – you’ll live in a neighborhood that truly feels yours.

Wherever you rent in Den Bosch, you’re quickly in both the city center and the green, quiet area. Den Bosch is easily accessible by public transport or by car. The train station of Den Bosch is in the center, from where you can quickly reach the surrounding cities. By bus, you can get anywhere in the city. Highways around Den Bosch, such as the A2, A59, and A65, can be reached within a few minutes.


Your Den Bosch

Living in Den Bosch, you will quickly get used to the friendliness of the people. People are kind and sociable, one of the many characteristics of life in Noord-Brabant – they say. Explore local coffee places, the best restaurants, and the newest concept stores. With everything within biking distance, easily take yourself to the cozy shopping streets or into nature.

  • Bossche Bol
    Living in Den Bosch, you must have tried a Bossche bol. Did you know that tourists especially come to Den Bosch for this sweet treat? The one and only Bossche bol is found at the nationally appreciated patisserie Jan de Groot. Puffs filled with whipped cream, dipped in unique (originally genuine Belgian) chocolate. You pass Jan de Groot on the way from the central train station to the city center.

  • Bossche Broek
    Den Bosch has nature around every corner. Leaving the city behind you, you step into a walker’s paradise: Bossche Broek. This natural place is a former swamp area. It always protected Den Bosch against armies that wanted to take over the city. Another must-visit is the nature reserve De Moerputten. Extremely photogenic and you can walk here endlessly.

  • Bossche Markt
    One major way Den Bosch proves to be a truly Burgundian city is its market. On Wednesdays (9:00-15:00) and Saturdays (9:00-17:00), there’s a large market with fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers, cheese, and fabrics. On Friday (9:00-13:30), there’s a market with only local products. How lovely!