Eindhoven city view


Capital of design and innovation

The Netherlands’ central hub of technology, innovation and design, always on the verge of developing! Back in 2010, the story of Holland2Stay started in this bustling city. Today, we offer more than 2,600 self-contained residences, ranging from studios and apartments to city lofts and luxurious penthouses. All our buildings are perfectly located within the ring road of Eindhoven, with easy access to public transportation and to the Eindhoven Airport!

Eindhoven is a vibrant city with countless shops, bars, restaurants and terraces. The city has the longest barstreet in the Benelux: Stratumseind or ‘Stratum’ for short. In this street you can find a variety of bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs. However, Eindhoven has more to offer than its nightlife. The city is located in the heart of Brainport Eindhoven, a technology region in which companies, governments and educational institutions (such as TU/e - the Eindhoven University of Technology) work together for a better future. Eindhoven is also home to the High Tech Campus, the smartest km² in Europe, offering more than 220 companies the opportunity to develop future technologies.

With a variety of great academic programs and working opportunities, Eindhoven attracts students and professionals from all over the world. The rich cultural scene, lively night life, and intense shopping culture fuel the energetic vibe of the city. Explore our buildings here below!


exterior building BD7 in Eindhoven
94 BD7
exterior building City Tower in Eindhoven
160 City Tower
Exterior building Clothilde
19 Clothilde
exterior building Cornelis Paradise in Eindhoven
157 Cornelis Paradise
exterior building Green Tower in Eindhoven
112 Green Tower
exterior building Hertoghof in Eindhoven
94 Hertoghof
exterior building Hoog Bergen in Eindhoven
25 Hoog Bergen
exterior building Jumbo Studios in Eindhoven
22 Jumbo Studios
exterior building Markt in Eindhoven
35 Markt
exterior building Onyx in Eindhoven
132 Onyx
exterior building Oude Toren in Eindhoven
25 Oude Toren
exterior building Paradise City in Eindhoven
53 Paradise City
exterior building Philips Bedrijfsschool in Eindhoven
437 Philips Bedrijfsschool
exterior building Spiraeastraat in Eindhoven
12 Spiraeastraat
exterior building Studio 56 in Eindhoven
138 Studio 56
exterior building The Bakery in Eindhoven
17 The Bakery
exterior building The Beech in Eindhoven
192 The Beech
exterior building The Cube in Eindhoven
36 The Cube
exterior building The Rock in Eindhoven
24 The Rock
exterior building The Strip in Eindhoven
6 The Strip
exterior building The Wall in Eindhoven
170 The Wall
exterior Victoria Court in Eindhoven
43 Victoria Court
exterior Victoria Park Lighting
616 Victoriapark Lighting
exterior building Vlootkwartier in Eindhoven
29 Vlootkwartier

Fun fact

Did you know that Eindhoven is also called the City of Light (Lichtstad)? Many people think this name comes from Philips in the city's history, but it is actually derived from the lucifer industry in Eindhoven. Still, Philips has left her legacy in the city. Former Philips offices and factories (like our buildings Victoriapark and Philips Bedrijfsschool) are transformed into residential complexes, museums, and restaurants. Most buildings even have special light effects during nighttime. Each year in November, international artists show beautiful light artworks through the city during Glow. And last but not least, Eindhoven is called Lampegat (light hamlet) during Dutch carnaval.