skyline view over Eindhoven city



7 urban districts, 19 neighborhoods. Known as the City of Light and technological heart of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is a bold and innovative city that never fails to impress. Discover its friendly community, where you can always be yourself. Worth living!

The rich cultural scene, lively nightlife, and shopping culture fuel the energetic vibe of this city. Grown along with Philips, Eindhoven is all about innovation and creativity.

Tech names as ASML, Philips, and High Tech Campus found their home in Eindhoven. Attracting passionate and tech-savvy people from all over the world, internationals can indulge themselves here. Events reinforce its innovation vibes, going beyond the standard. It’s a city to love. Ready to live it in all its glory?

Available rental studios, lofts, and apartments in Eindhoven


What's your type?

Our 2.606 rental studios, lofts, and apartments in Eindhoven are all close to the city center. Semi-furnished or fully furnished with everything you need. For single ones, couples, or parents with children.

exterior BD7 in Eindhoven
94 BD7
exterior building City Tower in Eindhoven
160 City Tower
Exterior building Clothilde
19 Clothilde
exterior building Cornelis Paradise in Eindhoven
157 Cornelis Paradise
exterior building Green Tower in Eindhoven
112 Green Tower
Render exterior Hamsterhof, Eindhoven
51 Hamsterhof
exterior building Hertoghof in Eindhoven
94 Hertoghof
exterior building Hoog Bergen in Eindhoven
25 Hoog Bergen
exterior building Jumbo Studios in Eindhoven
22 Jumbo Studios
exterior building Markt in Eindhoven
35 Markt
exterior building Onyx in Eindhoven
132 Onyx
exterior building Oude Toren in Eindhoven
25 Oude Toren
exterior building Paradise City in Eindhoven
53 Paradise City
exterior building Philips Bedrijfsschool in Eindhoven
437 Philips Bedrijfsschool
exterior building Spiraeastraat in Eindhoven
12 Spiraeastraat
exterior building Studio 56 in Eindhoven
138 Studio 56
exterior building The Bakery in Eindhoven
17 The Bakery
exterior building The Beech in Eindhoven
192 The Beech
exterior building The Cube in Eindhoven
36 The Cube
exterior building The Rock in Eindhoven
24 The Rock
exterior building The Strip in Eindhoven
6 The Strip
exterior building The Wall in Eindhoven
170 The Wall
exterior building VB Student Living at Boschdijk in Eindhoven
456 VB Student Living
exterior Victoria Court in Eindhoven
43 Victoria Court
exterior Victoriapark Lighting
616 Victoriapark Lighting
exterior building Vlootkwartier in Eindhoven
29 Vlootkwartier

What about Eindhoven

Since 1920, the former villages of Woensel, Tongelre, Stratum, Gestel, and Strijp are now Eindhoven city. Some of these neighborhoods still feel like small villages. We’ve got homes for rent throughout the whole city. All surrounded by some proper nature.

Explore local coffee places, the best restaurants, and the newest concept stores. Spend an afternoon at a museum or meet others at one of the parks – all close to home. With everything within biking distance, you easily take yourself anywhere.

Your Eindhoven

This is our home, the city where our story began. Located in a technology region in which companies, governments, and educational institutions (such as TU/e - Eindhoven University of Technology) work together for a better future. Eindhoven is also home to the High Tech Campus, the smartest km² in Europe, offering more than 220 companies the opportunity to develop future technologies.

  • Eindhoven Airport
    Globally connected, you can travel anywhere from Eindhoven Airport. From business trips to vacations, travel easily within Europe and beyond. Reach it by bus, only 25 minutes away from the center.

  • Stratumseind
    Eindhoven has the longest bar street in the Netherlands: ‘t Stratumseind. A local hangout with over 50 bars and clubs. We guarantee you that it’s nightlife at another level.

  • Strijp-S
    Undeniable popular and it won’t be more industrialized than this. This former area of Philips has been transformed into a place where art, design, and technology come together. It’s a very photogenic district and worth a visit if you like a raw vibe.