How to book

How to book How to book

Booking your perfect home couldn’t get any easier! To free you from the hassle, we have designed a simple two-step booking process especially for you!

No waiting lists and no prior reservations – we keep it simple, transparent and thus offer equal opportunities for everyone.

Don’t forget! Every Tuesday, we publish new available studios and apartments on our website. Coming Tuesday, we will publish at 18.00h. Be sure not to miss the chance to book your favorite residence!

Please note: Since the demand for housing is very high at this time of the year and not many people tend to move out, it can be challenging to book a residence. Therefore, it can happen that you are not able to make a successful booking on your first try. Also, due to the large number of visitors online, it can occur that our website is much slower than usual during publication of new residences. When this happen, please do not refresh the booking page and wait until the website loads again. Stay calm, stay positive, and we hope to see you soon at one of our residences!

Step 1. Create an account

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To book a residence, first make sure to register and create an account on our website. Keep in mind that you can only book through your personal account! To activate your account, a one-time administration fee of €23,50 is needed (non-refundable).

Step 2. Book an apartment

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After registering, it’s time to browse around and check our offer. When you have found your perfect new home, book it right away with one single click!

Couldn’t find your favorite residence? Worry not! Every Tuesday, we update our website with the new residences that have become available to book!


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the booking process!