How to book

How to book How to book

Booking your perfect home couldn’t get any easier! To free you from the hassle, we have designed a simple booking process especially for you!

No waiting lists and no prior reservations – we keep it simple, transparent and thus offer equal opportunities for everyone.

Don’t forget! Every week, we publish new available studios and apartments on our website. Be sure not to miss the chance to book your favorite residence!

Our new booking process

Recently we have improved our booking process. A new way of booking while still keeping it simple and transparent! New available residences will still be published on our website from every Tuesday (at approximately 18.00h), but each member will have to show interest for their favorite available residence by signing up. No need to hurry, because signing up for a residence can be done until Sunday, 20.00h. Every Monday, a random signee will be automatically selected to book the residence they have signed up for. No more pressure to book on the spot!

First, create an account

To book a residence, first make sure to register and create an account on our website.
To activate your account, a one-time administration fee of €23,50 is needed (non-refundable).

How to book your home in 3 easy steps:

  1. Start by browsing through our offer and selecting your preferred available residence. Make sure it is available to book!
  2. Once you found your favorite available home, show interest by signing up for the residence in order to book. You will also be able to see the number of other Premium members that signed up before you.
  3. Every Monday of each week, a random signee will be selected automatically to book the residence they signed up for. The selected Premium member will be contacted personally by us and will have 24 hours to accept the booking.

Prefer booking right away?

Besides our regular offer, we also have residences available in newly finished buildings. As these residences are brand new and are not occupied yet, they can be booked right away on our website – no need to sign up! You can recognize these immediately as our blue colored listings.


  • As of now, it is not possible book on behalf of somebody else. The person completing the booking and whose name is on the account will have to be a tenant of the residence booked.
  • You can only sign up for one residence per week.
  • The selection will be done entirely random and fully automatic.
  • Equal chances for everybody! You will have the same chance to book regardless of how early or late in the week you sign up for a residence.