Utrecht on your doorstep? We've got you!

Split by the busiest water route - crossing the village’s core - and with Utrecht on your doorstep. Maarssen is a great place to rent your new home. This typical Dutch village is small but has everything you need to make yourself comfortable.

Button up and discover Maarssen and its surrounding areas. Neighboring Utrecht, this village is well-connected. Come home in a green and water-rich setting and discover all flavors of Utrecht’s day and nightlife. Refresh your body and mind by doing one of the many recreational activities. Wander around in the parks or jog along the Vecht or Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal.


interior Boomerang in Maarssen
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What's renting like in Maarssen

Relocating to Utrecht? Settle down and rent your new home in Maarsen, under the glow of Utrecht. Take it easy in this small city, by walking around the canals and admiring the old architecture. Just outside the center, you’ll find the neighborhood Het Kwadrant. Find your way to this up-and-coming area, which already is a popular place to rent.

Get back to Boomerang! We’ve got a variety of studios for you to choose from. Completely ready to move in, with everything you need when renting. Use your living room to work, dine, or hang out – it's up to you. There's a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your fave meals. Plus, enjoy the comforts of a private bathroom. Time to socialize with neighbors? Work, meet and brainstorm in the community lounge. Burn off some calories in the in-house gym or by doing your laundry in the Laundry Club. All under one roof.

Maarssen's accessibility

Get yourself from Maarssen to Utrecht in 7 minutes by train. On all days of the week and in both directions, trains depart regularly. Need to go to college? In 30 minutes you reach the Utrecht University campus in downtown Utrecht. Thanks to the well-connected roads, you quickly cross all directions.