Perfect blend of Burgundian hospitality and coziness


Happily we now offer housing in the most southern of The Netherlands, in the amiable city of Maastricht. The city features a perfect blend of Burgundian hospitality and coziness, with a rich history that is worth exploring!

Our residences in this city enjoy greatly accessible locations and make the best homes for all your preferences! On campus of Hotel Management School Maastricht we are offering student studios for rent. Combine studies and new friendships by having your perfect home right next to the university. Not only students can indulge what Maastricht offers, but also starters and professionals are most welcome to this city of hospitality! In the new Sphinxkwartier area, we offer modern apartments for rent with the notable Amonet apartment building, which has been completed brand new! All the apartments have 2 bedrooms and offer plenty of space for your daily comfort. Read more below about our studios and apartments.


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390 Hotelschool
70 Amonet
159 Bassin

fun fact


The Hotel Management School of Maastricht has been established since 1953 in the picturesque castle Bethlehem! The origins of the castle date back to the 13th century and is a national monument. Throughout the years, the castle has been refurbished and the estate has been expanded with modern pavilions. The campus has been realized in 2020, making it the latest addition to the estate!


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