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Bolstered by Randstad’s economy, green, and at Utrecht’s doorstep. As one of the fastest-growing Dutch areas, towns around Utrecht like Nieuwegein are popular places to rent. With one step in the big city and one in the countryside, you’ve got best of both worlds.

Nieuwegein is quite new but has everything to suit your needs. Enjoy the convenience of modern infrastructure, excellent transport links, and a thriving local economy, while being surrounded by picturesque green spaces and scenic waterways. Think of surroundings with windmills, cows, farms, and traditional villages. Typical Dutch!

Available rental homes in Nieuwegein


What's your type?

Our 237 rental studios and apartments in Nieuwegein are down among the city center. Semi-furnished, giving you all the space to furniture yourself. For single ones, couples, or parents with children.

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What about Nieuwegein

Built as a new town for the expanding population of the city of Utrecht, Nieuwegein became an ever-evolving area. It’s not big, but it has everything you need when living here. Located in the middle of the Green Heart of Holland, Nieuwgein is surrounded by some proper nature.

Below Utrecht, between Houten and IJsselstein, it simply is a top location. Working in Utrecht? Take the tram and reach Utrecht’s center in 15 minutes. With everything within biking distance, you easily take yourself anywhere.


Your Nieuwegein

You can’t help but love living in down-to-earth Nieuwegein. Browse through the city center, visit monumental estates, and find your inner peace in one of the forests. But there’s more.

  • Water sports
    Nieuwegein is fully packed with leisure. Go wild in water sports mode and go wakeboarding or waterskiing close to home. Or take it easy by the water, as Nieuwegein is a happy owner of a city beach.

  • The Green Heart of Holland
    Nieuwegein is located in the middle of the Green Heart of Holland, a typically Dutch nature reserve. Leisure options are endless here. Visit one of the picturesque old-Dutch villages, one of its markets, or walk past farmer lanes and face the cows. You’ll always find a place to disconnect from the city.

  • Hello Utrecht
    Countless alleyways, charming squares, and canals crossing the city. Utrecht is the biggest city nearby Nieuwegein and filled with highlights you can’t miss. Perfect if you’re seeking more city vibes. Go to one of the wharf cellars housing cafés, restaurants, or terraces along the canals and experience the city on its best.