peaceful park along the river in Nieuwegein


Exceptional accessibility

With its establishment in 1971, the city of Nieuwegein is fairly young! Nieuwegein is a green and well thought-out modern city, with exceptional accessibility by car and by public transportation. In Nieuwegein, we offer modern rental lofts, with a cool urban look and all of them semi-furnished, so you can style the interior to your taste and transform the space into your own personal stylized home! Our residences in Nieuwegein are located conveniently at Wattbaan near the highway, from where you can easily travel to other cities as Utrecht and Amersfoort. The relaxed atmosphere of Nieuwegein contributes to a pleasant stay in this city. Scroll down to find out more about our residences in Nieuwegein!


residential lofts in nieuwegein
96 Wattbaan

Fun fact

Our building WB31 in Nieuwegein has quite a sporty history! Before the transformation into an apartment complex, the building was known as the House of Sport, a well-known coworking hub to several Dutch sport unions. House of Sport was opened in 2006 by then crown prince Willem Alexander. Our Technical Manager Jacco remembers this building fondly as he used to play volleyball and had meetings at this location with the sport union for volleyball! House of Sport closed its doors in 2017 and the unions continued with a new form of substantive collaboration. The building has undergone a complete renovation into the residential complex WB13, followed by its completion in 2019!