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Renting with us means more than just a home. With our services you will enjoy benefits that raise the quality of living in your Holland2Stay residence. Our services include housing allowance, 24/7 customer support, on-site caretakers, electrical car rental, and housing allowance support. Have a look at our highlighted services here below!


24/7 Customer Support

During the day, our international customer service is available to answers all your questions. Facing problems outside working hours? Our emergency number can be reached 24/7, so we can assist you with urgent matters.

Caretaker on site

For each of our buildings, we have a dedicated caretaker on-site. Our caretakers are responsible for small repairs, maintenance and for the cleaning of the common areas, making sure there is a pleasant atmosphere for our residents.

Online booking process

Our booking system is entirely online, making the process of renting with us very easy and accessable from all over the world. No hassle with print copies and no need to come to our office to arrange your contract. Easy!

H2S Store

Purchase convenient products in our H2S Store, such as linen packages, light bulbs, routers, key and tag replacements, and more. We will deliver these items to your new home, so you only need to unpack your clothes!

Housing allowance

Housing Allowance is a subsidy provided by the government to residents on a low income with a relative high rent. If you meet the conditions, we can arrange the application for you, so you can stay at your new home for a more affordable price!

Car parking

Low-priced and carefree parking in the city center! At most of our buildings, there are parking spots available for rent. Reserve your parking spot today!

Electrical car rental

With Amber’s 100% electric transport, you’re always mobile. At several of our residential complexes, you can find a hub where you can pick up your Amber car and start your journey through The Netherlands.


To make your stay care-free, you will need good insurance to protect yourself against financial risks. In cooperation with our preferred insurance partner De Goudse, we offer you handy insurance packages for your stay.


In collaboration with Can't Dutch This, we offer interactive, speaking-based and fun Dutch courses to our international tenants.