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A glorious city in Limburg to cherish

Welcome to Limburg! The southernmost province in the Netherlands and without doubt the most Burgundian one. And above all, a highly popular living environment for those studying Sittard or Maastricht. Sittard is the perfect combination of Burgundian enjoyment and nature. Think of narrow streets with boutiques and shop windows full of delicious pies (‘vloai’ in Limburg).

For students, the city has a lot to offer as a hometown. With Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in the heart of Sittard, it truly is a great student city. Even if you are studying in Maastricht, Sittard is a great housing option. Thanks to the great train connection between Sittard and Maastricht, the train brings you in 15 minutes to the heart of Maastricht. Had enough of studying? Find your entertainment in one of the hip or brown cafes, or in one of the cinemas or theaters. Sittard is bustling on weekends, but also on student nights Wednesday and Thursday. The city offers excellent amenities, which you can easily reach by bicycle or bus.

Imagine living in a place where you can find the peace to study and work, but also feel the activity and energy of countless bustling companies. STAYground is a unique place, where students and expats can rent their new home at STAYground and companies get settled at WORKground. The meeting and sports facilities in the building (SPAREground) contribute to a healthy and vital environment, in which you can develop yourself to the max. With all the features of the high-end studios, STAYground is the perfect space for students and expats to call home. All rental residences are fully furnished with a custom-made interior, modern black kitchen and stylish concrete bathroom. You find PITground in the heart of the centrally located business area of Sittard. At the back of the building, you find Sittard's train station and a supermarket. You can reach the historic city center via an idyllic route within a few minutes on foot.


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