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Sittard is waiting to be discovered. With its old-town charm, carless center, and magical landscape, it’s a glorious city to cherish and rent. Located in the very south, it matches the Burgundian hospitality and coziness of Maastricht. Think of narrow streets with boutiques and window shopping of delicious pies (or ‘vloai’).

It’s challenging to find student housing in Maastricht. Sittard is a highly popular place to live for those studying there. Thanks to the good train connection, you’re in Maastricht in 14 minutes.

Limburg’s hospitality equals Sittard. Although it’s less international than Maastricht, it has as much charm. Downtown, there are lots of great restaurants and bars – where you can find pretty much every cuisine. On Wednesday and Thursday nights, the market square is peak time for students.

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Our 261 rental studios in Sittard are perfect for students and expats. STAYground is situated in PITground, where offices and meeting rooms (WORKground) and leisure spaces (SPAREground) are as well. Fully furnished, these studios contain everything you’ll need during your stay. Perfect for single ones or couples.

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What about Sittard

If you’re thinking about moving to Sittard, do it! This city is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands, owning artistic architecture and a historical center. The town has some neighborhoods surrounding the center.

Find our STAYground homes close to the center, next to Sittard’s train station – with excellent train connections to Maastricht, Heerlen, Roermond, and Eindhoven. To escape town, a walk or bike trip through its surrounding landscape is always a good idea. It’s completely enclosed by green.


Your Sittard

Surrounded by stepped hillsides, woods, and many parks, Sittard has it all for nature lovers. Walk or bike through this landscape to clear your head or take some food with you for a picnic.

  • Big cities around Sittard
    Huge plus of living in Sittard is that you’re in Maastricht in only 14 minutes by train. A lovely city to study, shop, or just wander around. Or go on a day trip to Aachen, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, or Cologne in Germany.

  • Maastricht Aachen Airport
    You’re lucky! Exactly between Sittard and Maastricht city, you find Maastricht Aachen Airport. It’s a small airport, but you can travel anywhere in Europe from here. Big advantage is that it’s affordable and less busy than big airports like Eindhoven, Dusseldorf, or Amsterdam Schiphol. By car, you’re there in only 13 minutes.