industrial Spoorzone area with water in Tilburg


The city of textile welcomes you


A city that’s getting better every year: Tilburg! The sixth largest city in the Netherlands was an important city for the Dutch textile industry. In the past years, Tilburg has undergone creative development. The city now lives and bustles like never before. Tilburg now offers great museums, trendy restaurants, cool shops and serene city parks. The lively cultural climate combined with the vibrant student community make Tilburg a perfect city for studying, working and relaxing.

Tilburg is filled with hidden gems. The industrial Spoorzone area, located next to the railway tracks, is filled with trendy eateries and hotspots, such as LocHal and EVE. And do not forget to visit the beautiful Piushaven harbor, which hosts an array of events and activities during the year.


warehouse in Tilburg renovated into Pakhuis
29 Pakhuis
exterior The Bishop
24 The Bishop

Fun fact


Each year in July, Tilburg houses the largest fair in The Netherlands with over 200 rides and attractions. During 10 days than 1 million people visit the Tilburg Fair. Pink Monday is the most popular day. During this LGBTQ+ event diversity, equality and inclusivity are celebrated. A day full of love, pink outfits and crazy parties.


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