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Peaceful living for outdoor enthusiasts


Zeist truly is a hidden gem and a wonderful place to rent a studio or apartment. The town is located in the east of Utrecht, just outside the borders of the metropolitan city. Zeist holds plenty of historical value, dating back to the year 838! The fortress town is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, as well as for the castles and countless estates that can be found here. Nearby, you can find the amazing natural park of Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a great place for hiking and nature enthusiasts. Though small, Zeist has a lot to offer, from cultural and outdoor activities to great shopping areas, and exceptional culinary experiences.

On Utrechtseweg, the brand-new luxurious residence complex Lorentz offers 94 studios and apartments for rent. The residences are semi-furnished and are perfect for couples and small families. At Lorentz, you can experience the village ambiance of Zeist in its best way!


Lorentz Zeist
94 Lorentz

Accessibility of Zeist


Located in the east of Utrecht, Zeist residents only need around 20 minutes to travel to the city center of Utrecht by both public and private transportation. There is also a direct train from Zeist to Amsterdam, taking you no longer than 40 minutes. Zeist is close to the A12 and A28 highways.


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