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Awe and wonder. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes and enchanting castles, Zeist is one of the best choices to start your Dutch life. Every corner tells a story, shaping this charming town throughout centuries. You can feel its rich historical heritage in every cobblestone and building.

Unwind, explore, and immerse yourself in a world of serenity. In and around Zeist, you’ll find sprawling green meadows and lush woodlands. Get lost in calming places to go after a day of working or studying.

Find Zeist on the right-hand side of Utrecht, in the middle of the country. Working or studying in Utrecht, Zeist is the perfect base to settle. Imagine yourself biking through the glooming sunrise or sunset to work or school. It’s only 30 minutes by bike or 30 minutes by bus.

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Our 94 rental studios and apartments in Zeist blend comfort, style, and convenience. Semi-furnished, giving you the freedom to bring your own furniture and decorate it to your liking. Go for one of the studios, one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartments. For single ones, couples, or parents with children.

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What about Zeist

Five districts, all with its own unique neighborhoods. Zeist is a medium-sized town and has everything you’ll need. While big city Utrecht is around the corner, it’s less crowded in Zeist. We guarantee you – you’ve got the best of both worlds here.

Spend an afternoon at a local coffee spot or café in the city center or meet others at one of the parks. Thanks to excellent transportation links and a bike-friendly environment, you can effortlessly navigate the town and explore its wonders at your own pace.


Your Zeist

Renting in Zeist, you’re down among the best things to do. With a network of scenic bike paths that wind through its stunning surroundings, you can explore towns and areas at your own pace. Explore its grand castles, magnificent estates, and take in the beauty of the Dutch countryside along the way. Boost your rental adventure in your way!

  • Slot Zeist
    A wedding location, but above all a beautiful place to reset your mind. Besides being a place full of exhibits and history, Slot Zeist is the perfect place to wind down after a walk or bike ride. Treat yourself on freshly brewed coffee, cake, lunch, or some appetizers. You can also picnic at the English Garden.

  • Utrechtse Heuvelrug
    Between Utrecht and Amersfoort, you’ll find Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This area calms you down, thanks to its endless nature. Villages and towns here are worth a visit. Follow one of the hiking or bike trails to be amazed by castles, nature, and military history.

  • Hello Utrecht
    Seeking more city vibes? Visit Utrecht! Besides being a great city for working professionals and students, it’s a popular city to visit on a day trip. You’ll find nationalities from all over the globe here. Its aesthetic beauty of its historic city center is breathtaking. Go to one of the wharf cellars housing cafés, restaurants, or terraces along the canals and experience the city at its best.