Differences between studios, lofts & apartments

When you are looking for a new rental home, you have many decisions to make. One of the most important questions to start with is what kind of home you are looking for. Choosing between a studio, apartment, or loft can be difficult since all have their advantages. Let’s explain the differences between these layouts!

Searching for accommodation can be quite confusing because different terms and designations are used all the time. A studio is sometimes also considered to be an apartment and is defined as a studio apartment. And then there are lofts, which are comparable to studios, but also have their differences.

Differences between studios, apartments, and lofts

The main difference between studios, apartments, and lofts is that studios and lofts are often thought of as one-room apartments, in which that one room functions as both a bedroom and living room. Lofts often feature high walls and windows, as well as a mezzanine where a bedroom is created. Apartments have one or more separate bedrooms, completely separated from the living room. Students can also rent a room in a student house. When renting a room, the kitchen and bathroom are shared with fellow residents.

loft in Vleuterhuys, Utrecht
Lofts are often created in former industrial buildings, factory halls, warehouses, and so on, which have been made suitable for living, as herein Vleuterhuys in Utrecht.

Advantages of renting a studio

Although there are large studios, studios are often relatively compact. As a studio is a living room, kitchen, and bedroom in a single room, it can often appear as small and packed. But it definitely has its advantages too!

Studios are great for single people. The larger the area of accommodation, the more you pay for rent. As studios have less space, you logically pay less rent. You need less furniture and you spend less money on gas and electricity as you only have to heat one room. And as an extra advantage, less space means less cleaning!

smart furniture in DOK01, Maastricht
Studios contain a bedroom, kitchen, and living room in a single room, often with smart furniture to save space. Like in DOK01 in Maastricht, where a bunk bed makes extra space for a couch.

Are you going to live on your own for the first time? Then, a studio is perfect to start with. You probably won't need any extra space anyway. Many studios are equipped with smart furniture, such as folding beds that can also be used as tables. Although storage space is limited, there are a lot of handy storage options these days. Consider drawers under your bed or boxes on top of your closet and mirrors that make the room more spacious. Or buy shelves for in the cabinets, allowing more efficient storage.

smart folding bed in The Cube, Eindhoven
Folding beds like in The Cube in Eindhoven are a great space-saving solution in studios.

Although studios are often less popular because of the lack of privacy, there are plenty of solutions nowadays. For example, think about a room divider or curtain next to your bed to create more privacy. With a rug under the bed, you essentially create the idea and feeling of having a different space. A room divider or curtain next to your bed can also create more privacy. Be creative!

Lastly, studios are often rented furnished. This saves you from paying for new furniture and you don’t need to move it. Studios often have excellent locations, for example in the city center. Buildings often consist of multiple studios, so you will always have neighbors to connect with! Discover all Holland2Stay's studios here!

Advantages of renting a loft

Where studios have a bed on the same floor as the couch and kitchen, lofts have an entresol or mezzanine where a bedroom is created. Often the bathroom is attached, partially open, to this bedroom area.

The big advantages of renting a loft are that you have more privacy and that it feels like you have a separate room for your bed. Besides that, lofts have large walls and windows which makes the room more spacious. On the other hand, as the bedroom is not completely separated, this can be annoying when you want to sleep while your partner is downstairs watching TV.

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loft in Philips Bedrijfsschool
Lofts have large windows and high ceilings, making rooms more spacious. A mezzanine creates extra room for your bed and bathroom.

Advantages of renting an apartment

Apartments have one or two rooms that function as bedrooms, separated from the living space. The biggest advantage of renting an apartment is the extra space and privacy.

Separated from the living room, your bedroom offers privacy and additional storage space. With a separate bedroom, you have less trouble with, for example, cooking smells from the kitchen. People working from home may also appreciate working from a room other than the living room. On the other hand, apartments require more furniture and logically carry a higher rent.

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apartment of The Ridge
Bedrooms separated from the living room give you more space, but especially more privacy.

Choosing between an apartment, loft, or studio

When it comes down to choosing between an apartment, loft, or studio, you should consider your preferences on space and budget. If you don’t value extra space, a studio might fit you better than an apartment. If you value privacy, an apartment might suit you better.


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