Behind-the-scenes at Hamsterhof's construction site

Hamsterhof is ready! The first residents moved in on September 1, 2023. Let's see what was going on at the construction site!

In 2022, work on Hamsterhof began with the demolition of the old factory hall at Hamsterstraat. It made way for the 51 urban studios and apartments of Hamsterhof. Discover what's going on at the construction site at Hamsterstraat.

Hamsterhof is currently being developed by PM+ Van Abbe, a property developer in Eindhoven. PM+ Van Abbe was also involved in the redevelopments of the buildings The Cube, Oude Toren, The Rock, and The Wall in Eindhoven and The Lee Towers in Rotterdam.

Thanks to its unique design, Hamsterhof stands out. Its design contributes to the social dynamics among those living here. Small-scale, all galleries are connected – to other galleries and to the shared garden. Residents can meet others at the meeting point on the ground floor. Hamsterhof also includes a shared indoor gym and shared laundry.

We’ve got a variety of 51 rental studios and apartments to choose from. All 43 studios and 8 one-bedroom apartments are cleverly designed, giving all the space one needs. Thanks to the high windows the homes enjoy plenty of natural light. The first residents moved in on September, 1. Check out more about all 51 rental studios and apartments at Hamsterhof here.

Latest updates

Hamsterhof is open! Since the construction started in 2022, there have been some big milestones. We take you along!

  • September, 2023
    Time to move in: Hamsterhof is officially open for its first residents!

  • August, 2023
    All homes are now furnished. From a bed to a sofa, and from the table and chairs: everything is there! The construction workers are now busy with the finishing touches in the shared areas. The shared garden is landscaped and ready to grow. 

  • July, 2023
    It's time to start with the finishing touches. Floors and kitchens are currently being installed in all homes. 

    look at the construction site of Hamsterhof in Eindhoven
    The shared garden is taking shape, with the big stairs being the centerpiece of Hamsterhof's garden.

  • May, 2023
    Everything is gradually coming together. The roof is closed, the heat source is installed, and its pipings toward the studios and apartments are ready.

  • March, 2023
    Good news, the highest point has been reached. In March, the construction workers started with the insulation, facades, and gallery railings.

    look from above of Hamsterhof
    The view from above on Hamsterhof in February 2023, showing the unique layout of the building. Picture by Bas Gijselhart (@basephotography).

  • February, 2023
    We’re going up! The second floor has been reached.

    second floor construction at Hamsterhof in Eindhoven
    In February, 2023, the second floor has been reached. Picture by Bas Gijselhart (@basephotography).

  • December, 2022
    Work has begun on installing the first walls on the ground floor. Preparations have already been made for starting on the next floor.

    first walls being installed at Hamsterhof in EindhovenThe first walls of the studios on the ground floor got its walls. Picture by Bas Gijselhart (@basephotography).

  • September, 2022
    The foundation of the building has been completed and the construction crane has been put in place. You can spot it from miles away, as part of Eindhoven's skyline.

  • June, 2022
    Time to start! The demolition work of the old factory hall at Hamsterstraat has been completed and the groundwork has officially started.

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