5x Tips for getting to know your neighbors

Getting to know people around you makes your place more fun and safe. Discover some tips for getting to know your building's community!

How well do you know your neighbors? Connecting with the people around you makes your place more fun (and safe!). If you've no idea who your neighbors are, it's time to get out of your little bubble. Here are some tips for getting to know your building's community.

Moving to a new city can be quite overwhelming. You need to make your new place feel like home, get acquainted with your new neighborhood, and create new routines. Our tip? Get to know those who are living next to you. Your neighbors know how things work in your new community and can give you valuable tips to help you settle down more easily. The more people you know, the more you feel at home.

In the Netherlands, we say that a good neighbor is worth more than a distant friend. When you're out of town, your neighbor can watch your home for unusual activities (and water your plants). Plus, it's handy if you know someone where you can leave a spare key or knock on the door for a missing ingredient for your spaghetti Bolognese. Here are a few things you can do to meet your neighbors:

1. Wave and smile

Our advice? Start small. The next time you see your neighbor, simply smile and say hi. It shows your neighbor that you're open to getting to know him or her.

2. Introduce yourself

Another classic move: just head next door (or across the hallway), knock on the door and introduce yourself. If knocking on your neighbor's door feels too awkward, you can also leave a postcard with your name and contact details. Next time you see your neighbors, they'll likely come back to you about it.

3. Coffee's always a good idea

Just like food, coffee brings people together. Invite your neighbors over for coffee and a chat, or grab a cup together on the road. Even if they only stop by for half an hour, it will definitely break the ice.

4. Offer help

Keep the elevator open for one another, help carry groceries, accept a package for another, or help someone with tasks that require a hammer or screwdriver. Doing a good thing has never done anyone badly, so be your building's Superman or Superwoman and help each other out!

5. Host a housewarming party

Our lively and diverse Holland2Stay community consists of people from all over the world. This offers you the opportunity to experience new cultures. You might make new friends!

Have you already made the first steps to getting to know your neighbors? Plan a housewarming or another activity. Need a little help? Maybe someone already organized an activity during National Burendag, organized by Oranje Fonds and Douwe Egberts. This year, Nationale Burendag will take place on September 23, 2023. 

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