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We admit... we just can’t sit still! As the housing market continuously evolves, we are exploring new areas as well! And we are excited to announce our upcoming projects.

Have a look at the projects here below. These residences are soon available to book. Are you interested in a project? Subscribe to our mailing lists per project for free and we will keep you posted about any new developments.

Hoogstraat, Eindhoven

Hoogstraat - Eindhoven Hoogstraat - Eindhoven

Happily we present Hoogstraat as our newest location in Eindhoven! This brand new apartment complex will house 25 fully furnished, short-stay apartments, offering you a comfortable stay in the city.

The residential complex is located at Hoogstraat, in the city center of Eindhoven! Residents wil be able to make use of a beautiful rooftop terrace and there will be parking possibilities.

Hoogstraat is expected to be completed in April 2020. Sign up for our mailing list and we will inform you when booking is possible!

Available from April, 2020

Sphinxkwartier, Maastricht

Sphinxkwartier - Maastricht Sphinxkwartier - Maastricht

Holland2Stay is coming to Maastricht!

The former Sphinx factories are transformed into the brand-new living district Sphinxkwartier. Sphinxkwartier is centrally located between the historical center of Maastricht and Frontenpark. The area will be an excellent place to live, work, enjoy and relax. Holland2Stay will offer 150 spacious two-bedroom apartments with private loggias.

The residences are expected to be completed in April 2020. Interested? Subscribe to our mailing list and we will keep you posted about this project!

Available from May, 2020

Victoriatoren, Eindhoven

From Summer 2020, the upcoming high-rise building Victoriatoren will start to arise next to Mathildelaan and Victoriapark in Eindhoven. Victoriatoren has a stately design and a visual appeal, and is now already talk of the town because of its impressive height of 92 meters!

The building will house 450 modern studios and apartments, which we will proudly add to our rental offer through our website once available to book. The residential complex is located at the new city area in development 'Emmasingelkwadrant', and is situated next to our other buildings Victoriapark Lighting, Victoria Court and Onyx. All enjoy a great location within the lively city centre and close to the train station.

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Completion date to be announced

Victoriatoren Victoriatoren